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Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics of Nanodrugs from Chinese Medicines and Natural Products

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 5 ]


Chang-Xiao Liu, Duan-Yun Si, Xue-Feng Xiao, Xin He and Ya-Zhuo Li   Pages 659 - 666 ( 8 )


Over the past few years, nanoscale Chinese medicine has become one of focuses in modern Chinese medicine research. There is an increasing need for a more systematic study on the basic issues involved in traditional Chinese medicine and a more active participation of researchers in the application area of nanoscale traditional Chinese drugs. In this review, author analyzed the current applications of nanotechnology in research and development of drugs from natural products and herbal medicines involving traditional Chinese medicines, and also discussed the bio-medicinal evaluation issues on ADME including bio-distribution and metabolism of nanodrugs. Author noted that great challenges faced in nanodrugs from herb drugs and natural products are the follows: (1) the first challenge is to prepare nanodrug delivery system and quantitatively evaluate the therapeutic effects and safety; (2) the second challenge is to clarify the concrete metabolism course; and (3) the third challenge is to study the pharmacokinetics of nanodrugs.


Chinese medicine, nanotechnology, toxicity, metabolism, therapy, Drug Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics, Nanodrugs, Chinese Medicines, Natural Products, ADME, bio-mimetics, nanopharmaceuticals, biomedical evaluations


308 Anshan West Road, The State Key Laboratories of Drug Delivery Technology and Pharmacokinetics, Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Tianjin 300193, China.

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