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Recent Advances in Pharmacokinetics of Polymeric Excipients Used in Nanosized Anti-Cancer Drugs

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 8 ]


Nguyen-Van Cuong and Ming-Fa Hsieh   Pages 842 - 850 ( 9 )


The efficacy of drug delivery systems using nanoparticles to enhance the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs has been confirmed in both preclinical trials and clinical settings. A nanosized drug system has improved efficacy, reduced side effects and clearance, increased cellular uptake and prolonged time in circulation. This article will focus recent studies of the pharmacokinetic behavior of such systems as poly(ethylene glycol) and polyamidoamine. Their derivatives are also analyzed. Additionally, some diseases with very good responsiveness are aslo reported.


Dendrimer, doxorubicin, liposome, pharmacokinetic, nanomedicine, poly(ethylene glycol)


Department of Biomedical Engineering and R Center for Biomedical Microdevice Technology, Chung Yuan Christian University 200, Chung Pei Rd., Chung Li, Taiwan 32023, Republic of China.

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