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Recent Developments in Nanomedicines for Management of Various Health Issues Via Metabolism and Physico-Chemical Properties

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 5 ]


Mahmood Rasool, Muhammad Imran Naseer, Arif Malik, Abdul Manan, Ikram Ullah, Noman Bin Abid, Myeong Ok Kim, Mahmood Husain Qazi, Mohammad Amjad Kamal and Fehmida Bibi   Pages 389 - 396 ( 8 )


During the last decade the nanotechnologists began research on applications of nanomaterials for medicine and therapeutics. Various nanoparticles (nanomedicines) are being used worldwide for the diagnosis and management in a number of disorders including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. The successful non-viral gene therapy is now possible with the advancements in nanotechnology. Mostly nanoparticles are divided into two main classes: organic and inorganic nanoparticles. Diverse features of nanomedicines with surface modification help to make them biocompatible with addition of varying polymer that facilitates targeted delivery of drug and its controlled release into the cells, tissues and organs. Liposomes, quantum dots, silver and gold nanoparticles are the most common examples of nanomedicines.


Cancer, gene therapy¸ liposomes, nanomedicines, neurodegenerative disorders, quantum dots, silver and gold nanoparticles.


Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR), King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, 21589 Saudi Arabia.

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