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Summary of Information on the Effects of Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation on Cytochrome P450 and Other Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 6 ]


Slobodan Rendic and F. Peter Guengerich   Pages 787 - 814 ( 28 )


The present paper is an update of data on the effects of ionizing radiation (γ -rays, X-rays, high energy UV, fast neutron) caused by environmental pollution or clinical treatments and the effects of non-ionizing radiation (low energy UV) on the expression and/or activity of drug metabolism (e.g., cytochrome P450 (CYP), glutathione transferase (GST)), enzymes involved in oxidative stress (e.g., peroxidases, catalase (CAT), aconitase (ACO), superoxide dismutase (SOD)), and transporters. The data are presented in tabular form (Tables 1-3) and are a continuation of previously published summaries on the effects of drugs and other chemicals on cytochrome P450 enzymes (Rendic, S.; Di Carlo, F. Drug Metab. Rev., 1997, 29 (1-2), 413-580, Rendic, S. Drug Metab. Rev., 2002, 34 (1-2), 83- 448) and of the data on the effects of diseases and environmental factors on the expression and/or activity of human cytochrome P450 enzymes and transporters (Guengerich, F.P.; Rendic, S. Curr. Drug Metab., 2010, 11(1), 1-3, Rendic, S.; Guengerich, F.P. Curr. Drug Metab., 2010, 11 (1), 4-84). The collective information is as presented by the cited author(s) in cases where several references are cited the latest published information is included. Remarks and conclusions suggesting clinically important impacts are highlighted, followed by discussion of the major findings. The searchable database is available as an Excel file (for information about file availability contact the corresponding author).


Ionizing radiation, UV, γ -rays, X-rays, cytochrome P450, CYP, oxidative stress enzymes, transporters, expression, activity, Cytochrome P450, Drug, Metabolizing Enzymes, X-rays, oxidative stress, macromolecules


Haulikova 6, HR 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.

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