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Transcriptome and Proteome Analyses of Drug Interactions with Natural Products

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 10 ]


Hai Fang, Kankan Wang and Ji Zhang   Pages 1038 - 1048 ( 11 )


Advances in high-throughput technologies to measure genome-scale changes of genes, proteins, and other biomolecular components (‘omics’) in complex biological systems have dramatically revolutionized biomedical research. However, the benefits of utilizing omics information in drug development have not yet been fully realized. Fortunately, the integration of modern systems biology efforts with traditional medicine philosophies, together with integrative bioinformatics, has driven the development of a new drug discovery paradigm. Using leukemia as a disease model, therapeutic synergism between drugs and natural products has been investigated by incorporating transcriptomics and proteomics data into a network-like understanding. Here, these recent advancements will be discussed in detail, along with perspectives in the field of drug synergism.


Transcriptome, proteome, component plane presentation integrated self-organizing map, drug synergism, leukemia


Institute of Health Sciences, 225 South Chong-Qing Road, Shanghai 200025, China.

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